Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd (Dawson)

Wow!!!!! Today was by far the BEST day of all!!!!! Words cannot describe... but I might as well try!
I woke up early this morning. Like 4:30. So I just laid there and listened to Kyle snore for a bit, and snacked on some gummy bears. Then, we went to breakfast and loaded the bus like normal. I met Melissa Pace (Ms. Waite's friend!), who lives in Salt Lake! It was great to finally meet someone from my area on this mission! When we got to the hospital, Chris and I looked up the phone numbers to people that were getting surgeires, and I found out that my lil buddy (Babieta) is getting surgery on TUESDAY!! I am SO SO SO SO SO excited for her! I'm pretty sure that if I do get to witness a surgery, I really want it to be hers! Anyways, after the paper work was done, the team (Andrew, Lisa (Not Adachi), Janina, Subi, me, Chris, Kyle, and the rest of the students from the American school) got to go to an orphanage!! The orphange was honestly just the most amazing thing I have ever done. The kids were sooooo much fun! I think they said that there was 22, and their ages varied in between about 3 and 12. We got there, and they sang for us 2 songs and also did a dance for us, which was awesome. Then we taught them all the chicken dance, and the kids loved it! We then did a presentation on dental care for the kids. They all loved the teeth and their brand new toothbrushes! Then we went outside and played games with the kids. I really felt very special while I was there because it felt to me like this was one of the only times in those kids lives where they had the chance to do something like that. It's not everyday for them that a bunch of white kids show up ready to play with them and give them gifts! And it also isn't everyday for me to play with a bunch of little kids at an orphanage in a foreign country. We taught them a module on burn care and prevention, and while I was "stop-drop-and rolling", I sort of rolled over my camera. Yeah, it's broken. :( So no more pictures from my lil camera! But Chris has offered to loan me the pictures he takes with me in them, so we'll see how that works... After a lovely round of duck-duck-goose with the kids, we said our goodbyes and were on our way! It was such an amazing experience!
After the orphanage, we went back to the hospital to decorate the playroom in the hospital. It was me, Janina, and Subi, and we colored while we sang Katy Perry songs. Then me and Janina were sent to get some water, and we ran into (guess who?) Bill and Kathy Magee, and talked to them for a few minutes. Can I just tell you how AWESOME it is to have them around, just hanging out? It's WAY awesome for me! We ended out the day with quite a bit of paperwork as a team, and now I'm just blogging before dinner. The comments on the blog are really great and I appreciate your support! Everyone, I miss you so much! Rebekah, everytime I see a cute little child, I always think ''I gotta take a picture of that kid for Rebekah!'' And Lisa typed up a little message for her students... Miss W. from Saint Mary's school in Berea says hi to all her students and she has cool pictures! Well... yep. I love you all and miss you! Goodbye! :)


  1. Yay! First comment! Ahh i love reading all these! I'm all smiles when I read! :) It's so exciting to see all the awesome things you get to do for those kids! Those kids just seem so adorable! You're so lucky to get to play with em all! Till the next update... I love you! :)

  2. So sorry about your there one you can buy anywhere.Use your memory card in Chris or Kyle's camera. That way you still can take pictures of the things that mean the most to you. tell Chris or Kyle I will send them a special something if they will let you use there camera. In one week you will be coming home..enjoy every minute with thoses sweet kids. Love and miss you. MOM

  3. Well I don't have too much to add or anything but I just wanted to let you know that your blog is being read and to also tell you to keep up the good work!!

  4. I love the Lisa (not Adachi) shout out there:)

    i'm way sorry about the camera.. But thank goodness for memory cards, email and facebook. Reading your updates makes me so homesick for Jordan.. But I love it so much! That's so cool you meat Melissa. Did you kinda explain that you know someone who she knows..? Haha kindof out there.

    So happy for you Daws.. you guys are doing good. you will love this blog and all the time you've put in to it forever. Have another amazing day in India!!! :)