Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6th (Dawson)

I need to start eating dinner. But I won't. ;) Today was another stellar day. I wish I could blog forever and ever, I really do. But... highlight of my day? I MET MATTHEW FOX!!! Woooooooooooo! Besides that, it was just another excellent day! I made some tea for patients today (we ran out of Tang), and then I played with the kids! That's actually where I spent the majority of my day. I got some absolutely amazing stories! One of which comes from a kid whose name I cannot recall right now. He is in grade 11 and he travelled 12 hours to get this surgery done. His favorite subject in school is Political Science (MINE TOO!) and he couldn't get surgery before because of financial reasons. However, he did say he was very, very excited to have his surgery done, which he finally did, after waiting for 2 days! Speaking of which, our favorite "movie star" was discharged today. He and his dad came over to me and gave me a big hug, which made me feel very special. I just love the people here! For lunch, we went to the bakery again, and got absolutely wonderful food. I even brought some dessert back for my favorite recovery room nurses, and it was an enjoyable snack! However, this day had some bad news included. My favorite little girl, Bebita Begum, is not getting surgery at all. I was so stunned and sad to hear this. I wish her all the best over her life, and know that with the amazing person she is, she will do fine in her life! Anyways, tonight is a night where I need SLEEP! And dinner. But all well. Enemy of the State with Will Smith is on tonight, but I need sleep... thanks for reading tonight!

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  1. Being selfish, I want my best friend back home, BUT it's so worth it when little kids get to spend time with him! He's so great and I know they love him as much as I do :)