Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday, December 1st (Dawson)

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I didn't blog last night- I was more tired than I had been in a very, very long time. I am right now as well, but I REALLY had to blog (all for you, Brother Day). So I'll let y'all know about yesterday and also about today! Ready?
Yesterday was amazing. So so amazing. I woke up and had a wonderful breakfast, of toast, pancakes, and orange juice :) Then we boarded the bus and headed to the hospital. We had a team meeting, then it was go time. Today was screening, which meant that we were going to see what everyone's situations and what they are going to need to get surgery. We found out that we were going to screen at a smaller hospital down the street from the main hospital, so we walked about a block to the other hospital. Then Lisa, Kyle, Chris, and I met up with some people who live right behind the hospital. They were all young kids and were super fun to play with. We got our pictures with them, and saw them a bunch more throughout the day. Next, we made nametags for the whole mission. We had to make one for Matthew Fox believe it or not, star of the show Lost. It should be pretty cool to meet up with him. Next, we wanted to take a tour of the other hospital, so we jogged on over there. Lisa had to use the restroom, but it took her 30 minutes to find a bathroom, which meant she was just walking around aimlessly, trying to find it. When she finally found it, SHE DIDN'T EVEN GO! It was a very funny experience, which isn't rare with Lisa. After that, we went over to the other hospital and found out that screening was in full swing. The process went like this: the patients wait in line, and when it is their turn, they go up to a table and a nurse will take their basic information. Next they move on to various stations, where they would get their pictures taken, face examined, etc. Kyle, Lisa, and I set up little tables outside where we would entertain the kids. We blew bubbles with them, bounced tennis balls, had coloring books, and tons of other fun stuff! One of the first kids we named Dawson Jr. because he always hung around me! I got some good pictures with him. He was just ADORABLE. But who I really fell in love with was a girl named Bibaboeta Begum. She was an adorable girl who I played catch with for a good 20 minutes. I felt really bad for her,  because her brother also had a cleft. I'm really pulling for the Begums! Hopefully they can go home with two brand new smiles!! We continued playing with the kids for the rest of the day, and I got a TON of pictures. We were blessed to screen 304 patients on day one! There was just so many people, and we wanted to get them all in in one day! We did this until around 8 o clock, and I was just TIRED. We all piled on the bus, and I just collapsed onto my hotel bed after that. And that's that for day one.
Day 2 was just as amazing as day one! We got off to a good start with another amazing breakfast, and were off to the hospital again. Before the kids got there, me, Chris, Kyle, and Lisa went shopping for about an hour in the market near the hospital. Let me rephrase that. LISA shopped for about an hour, while Kyle, Chris, and I sat outside and got bit by mosquitoes. Have I mentioned to you how much I love India? We went back to the hospital and met up with an old friend, Andrew Nesbaum. He actually invited us to go to an orphanage tomorrow with him and students from a school in Bombay! So I'm extremely excited for that. Today was a ton less crazy than yesterday. Apparently there was a mix up in the bussing? I dunno. But we'll see what happens, because apparently all the kids who were coming today are coming TOMORROW. I'm sure that'll be wild! Next up, we went and hung out with our "neighbors" that we met yesterday. They showed us how to play this game, very similar to pool. Then we got to go inside their houses! One of the kids even showed us how he dances to Justin Bieber ;) Today was slower, so I got to know the translators really well, particularly one named Reza. He and I talked for quite a while, and he even translated some presentations! Chris, Kyle, and I did some paperwork for medical records to close out the day, and we left a little early. I got back and was incredibly tired (again), so I took a quick nap before dinner. I walked down to get dinner, and noticed the computer was open, so here I am! Man... what an amazing trip! I'm having such an amazing time! Tomorrow is the very last day of screening, and I also get to go to an orphanage! Be sure to read my blog... Bye everyone!! :)

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