Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday, December 1st - Screening Day #2

It is currently 6:40 PM. We just got back to the hotel after another exciting day. Today was not quite as hectic as yesterday as there were less people coming in on buses from areas around Assam (the state that we are in). However, tomorrow it will probably be crazy as there will be many patients who were supposed to be screened today in addition to tomorrow's. Anyway, this morning we arrived at  the hospital at around 8:00. We played with kids who came in, blowing bubbles nonstop. Like yesterday, the kids enjoyed brushing the teeth on the 3-D mouth. I also brought some blow up beach balls with a map of the world on it. I played catch with some of the boys and showed them where I come from, which I think they thought was pretty cool. Lisa was also taking many pictures with the kids and giving them toys that her students back home in Ohio donated. She took a picture with one little boy who was blind which was emotional for the both of us. After lunch, we went down to our "neighbors" who live next to the hospital again. They had a game that they were playing that was like pool, but you used your hands to slide little checker-like looking pieces into holes on the outside of the game board. They gave us a tour of their homes and LOVED getting their picture taken. They also went nuts when Lisa started giving them Doritos. Some of them spoke English, and they were telling me that only a few of them have the opportunity to go to school. We then came back to the hospital and played with some more kids waiting to be screened. One little boy would try capture bubbles that I was blowing, but them in his little toy, and would blow enormous bubbles making everyone laugh. I then looked to the side and low and behold, Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee, the founders of Operation Smile, arrived at the hospital! It was so great to meet and talk to them in person. We then started talking to our neighbors again through the window of the hospital, and one of the boys gave us an awesome rendition of Justin Bieber's "Baby." He was dancing and having the time of his life. We also met some kids who just arrived from an Operation Smile Club at an American school in Mumbai (I forgot the name of the school). Tomorrow we are probably going to go with them to a nearby orphanage in the morning. At about 5:00 we all headed back to the buses to go back to the hotel and dinner is in about an hour from now. Tomorrow should be a fun day going to the orphanage in the morning and finishing up screening in the afternoon.
Well, that's it for now...check back for more soon!

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