Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One more thing...

I left this out because it deserves its own entry. BILL AND KATHY MAGEE ARE HERE!!!! This probably means nothing to the *average reader*. So let me tell you who they are. Bill and Kathy Magee went on a medical service mission in 1984 to the Phillipines to perform cleft lip/palate repair surgeries to needy kids. They had a wonderful time doing this, but they were heartbroken to turn away certain kids due to lack of time/funding. So they decided to do some more of these visits, and it gradually turned into Operation Smile! I look up to them and admire them SO much, and when someone told me "Hey Dawson, Bill and Kathy are here!", I practically sprinted to them! I talked to them both for about 10 minutes and was so very excited to talk to them again! They are celebrites in my eyes, and guess what? They're staying at the hotel I'm at right now! Ahhhh... I am just starstruck! Today has just been so marvelous! Anyways... THAT was the highlight of my day! What's yours, Utah? Getting snowed upon?? ;)


  1. No snow thus far today, but it's quite cloudy. So glad things are going well and that you are safe. Keep it up! :)

  2. This is Spencerrrrrrrrr.

    That's flamin' awesome that you got to chat with them. Those are the people that really deserve to be examples to us. Sucks not having a charitable club here at my school like Op Smile at Riverton, I gotta say. Well, I guess I'm in the Reading to Kids Club, but I wish there were an Op Smile club here...maybe could have gathered people beforehand to start one if I knew about how to get one going before hand.

    Contrast between Woodland Hills and Guwahati is prolly really intense. I have, no joke, 4 feet of snow here at my house at the top of the city. 'Tis a joke.


  3. Dawwwwwwws!!!!!
    1) LOVE that the Magees are there-- what an incredible experience for you to have them there with you!!

    2) LOVE ANDREWWWWW. Tell him Hi for me:)

    3) Everytime I see "Lisa" I keep thinking that you're talking about me hehe.

    4) Did Lisa really give them DORITOS??!?!?!? Oh I'm sure she had a ball.

    5) If you run into Melissa Mumford Pace, she is from Utah and I know someone who knows her!! She is friends with Angie Muir, and she's great! Idk, maybe an icebreaker haha

    6) Love love love love the posts. Please keep em coming!! miss ya and love ya and keep doing good!!!!

  4. Can I just say I love reading these?? I totally see you with all those cute little kids! P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S... well, that's typical Dawson for ya ;) I am so happy that you're doing this! I'm sure all the little kids there just adore you! I know I do! :) Have so much fun and keep up on all the good work! I love you! :)